• Do you believe God desires a resting place on earth?

  • Do you believe God responds to the cries of His people?

  • Do you believe a praying Church can shift the course of history?

If so, come join us in shaping history through fasting and prayer!

These are the three primary models we utilize:

  1. Intercessory Worship - this model incorporates worship, intercession, the reading of scripture and prophecy into prayer sets targeting specific issues on God's heart at the moment. It is this emphasis that creates a resting place for the presence of God in the spirit of the Tabernacle of David.

  2. The War Room - through the War Room, we leverage prophetic intel into strategic prayer over specific areas of culture. Prayer groups form around unique areas of culture and concern.

  3. Prayer Burns - extended times of prayer, Prayer Burns incorporate concentrated intercessory worship over extended sets of time (12-24 hours) focusing specifically on cultivating a place of God's presence in order to create spiritual breakthrough. These Prayer Burns are done in partnership with other churches and in various locations.


Upcoming Prayer Burn Dates:

September 21

October 19

November 16


KHOP is the prayer expression of Heartland Church. 

Prayer schedule:


Tuesday 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm Intercessory Worship (Sarah Block followed by Rick Arrowood)

Thursday 7 am - 8 am Word of the Lord (Pastor Dave)

Saturday 8 pm-9 pm Sunday Services (Pastor Dave)

We rule with Christ from the height of a bended knee

We rule with Christ from the height of a bended knee

At Kingdom House of Prayer, you can help build a place for God's presence to abide. From this place we pray His purposes into the earth together. 

KHOP carries a strong burden for all nations. We target in prayer what the Lord shows us He wants to do around the world..

KHOP connects intercessors and worshipers in a way that mutually enhances and releases their gifts.  It’s more than a prayer room – it’s a family affair and we've got a place for you.