War Room Mission Overview

In the natural realm, every kingdom or country needs a military force if it expects to protect its territory, boundaries and citizens.  Military forces can operate defensively or offensively.  As an example, taking Europe back from Hitler during World War II was an offensive operation for some nations and a defensive operation for nations like France and Russia.  England was on the defense too and successfully kept Hitler out, but at a very high cost. It was a cooperative effort of many nations in order to bring peace to the earth again.  Prayer was a very powerful weapon during this period.

The Kingdom of Heaven is similar to an earthly kingdom in this way. God has both defensive and offensive forces in His Kingdom. Think of what it looked like the day God launched a major offensive operation to take back the earth and its citizens. The strategy room of heaven was a buzz when God announced He was going to have a son and send Him to earth under a covert operation to take back the earth from enemy hands. I’m sure all the angels wondered what this would mean. It was a high cost and a great sacrifice in military terms.  The New Testament is full of evidence of the wonder, the exact execution of this military strategy and the effectiveness of the covert operation.

Military strategies to win the earth back are still being distributed in the heaven’s strategy room.   There are times you can literally feel the movement in the angelic realm. We know that God has a plan and is looking for agents and soldiers on the earth who want to be a part of this cosmic war to restore the earth to its original purpose. He wants to strip the enemy of his usurped authority which was revoked at the cross and set the plumb line of justice and righteousness in the nations.

The War Room of KHOP is just one expression of our willingness as a house to be a part of that cooperative force with God’s plan; following His lead, by praying His heart, until His purposes are achieved in the earth and the enemy’s impacts are reversed.