Being All In

We are at war. So what does that actually mean?  Imagine for a minute if we changed how we fought World War II.  If we had chosen as a nation only to fight on Mondays or maybe just an hour a day do you believe that we would've been able to overthrow Hitler or defeat Japanese which were marching against us and our friends in those years? Well of course not; that would be silly to assume that you could win a war if you deploy your troops so scantily.  Likewise, when a soldier is called up, he doesn't expect to only work one day a week or even just half an hour a day. When a soldier is called up for active duty he knows that that can mean a daily grind of combat, sometimes without rest, or it can mean office hours with some breaks in the evening. It depends on what his role is, the assignment he's given and where he's deployed.  

What does that mean for us at Heartland?  It means if we are a House of War and we take it that as our responsibility and a trust from the Lord, then we will not live as civilians.  It means that our lifestyles will look different from other people. It means that we may choose voluntarily not to enjoy things that are good and acceptable, so we can focus on our assignment as a house. While that may not sound like a lot of fun, it gets fun when the answers to prayer begin to roll in. We had one such answer materialized today. Many of you have been praying against sex trafficking and today we got some very good news. There is a website that was advertising girls for sale and because of an investigation recently, the company that held the website took down the pages where the girls were being trafficked. That is victory!

As we continue to press for the things that are on God's heart to see manifest in the earth, we are going to see more and more victories. That does not mean it will be easy and it doesn't mean that it will be for just a short time, but it will mean it will be GOOD and very worthwhile. Jesus will begin to have what He desires in the earth. That alone is worth all our lives.