Another Victory!!!


One of our teams had victory this week. Our prayer team for trafficking reported that one 19 year old girl who'd been trafficked is now hidden in a safe house! Praise God!!! It's one more life taken back.   

Please keep all who are coming out in prayer as they begin the healing process. Keep after your prayer targets because the Lord is fighting with us!  



We saw movement on two fronts in the last couple of weeks. One of the families in the church had a larger home provided for them by a family member. They were making due as they pour out their lives for the King, but it was a tight squeeze. One of their relatives made a deal so they could have a bigger home! This was an amazing sudden turn of events and a tremendous blessing to their family. God pour out from the windows of heaven on us all!!!

Next up, a young woman who was being trafficked in Des Moines, escaped and went to the police for help. The officers are now looking for those who were trafficking her and about 10 others to break up the ring. Exciting as the Lord is answering our prayers to expose the evil and rid our town of it.

Hearing the Lords strategy for prayer, pressing in intercession and then seeing the answers if so fulfilling. It's exciting as we see God answering the prayer battles we are waging. It is no small thing when little pebbles begin to slide down a mountain. That is exactly how avalanches are started, so keep it up, prayer begets prayer! God is breaking in and we are rejoicing!

Be blessed in your prayer battles. Be deadly sharp when you shoot the arrows of the King's decrees against the enemy..


What's Your Why?

Remember the stage where every question was why? And so often when you gave an answer or received it, the next thing was why again. Did you ever think that it's important to know the why

I see this all the time that people will tell you how or what or when, but more often than not they will leave out the why.  I happen to think that why we do something is more important then the how or the what we do. I'm not saying that how, what or when are not important because they are, they're just not as critical as knowing the why.

So why are we praying and interceding for our cities in Iowa? Here are a few of my why's.

  1.  Jesus deserves a foothold to rule from in our nation. He deserves and has a right to rule over Iowa.

  2. Jesus' name should be honored on the lips of every man, woman and child in our state. His name should be preeminent.

  3. Jesus really cares about the lost of our state and wants them to come to Him to be discipled.  Creating a place for Him to rule from will make the enemy back away from the lost in our state, so they can turn away from the enemy and be saved from death and destruction.

  4. Our God hates sin. The church needs to work in prayer and intercession to reverse the culture that allows gross sin and hates righteousness, calling evil good and good evil.  This means no more abuse of drugs and alcohol, no more trafficking of humans, no more violence of any kind, no more stealing, no more lying or cheating, no more killing, no more broken families or divorce, to name just a few of the evils God hates. It means a culture that honors God and each human life.  One that is based on God's love and kindness.

Those are a few of the reasons why I refuse to stop praying. And when we, the church of Iowa, win our regions and our state, then we will focus on exporting the culture of heaven to the nations in a far more intentional way than we ever have before; through prayer and fasting we will break the control of the enemy so the nations can be discipled.  

So there is part of my why.  And while I have other reasons to pray and intercede for our state, these are key why's that govern my heart. Jesus wants Kingdom culture in Iowa, and He doesn't have it yet, so my job is not done.  

I encourage you to make your own why list to help you stay focused and to keep the fires of intercession burning.


Pastor Bob's Legacy In the War Room

Pastor Bob Phillips had an impact on us that to date no one has mentioned. Bob had shared with Pastor Dave and myself that he had felt like the Lord told him to build a War Room. Pastor Dave shares the story of Bob explaining to him about the word Mystery actually being used in the context of a War Room.

I believe one of Bob's last legacies will be the launch of the War Room at Heartland Church. He had tried to build one before in other places, but met opposition. He wanted to pay intercessors to cover the shifts and to wage war against the enemy. What if we as a body PICK UP THE MANTLE on this one and actually make it a reality that continues to unfold over the next years and decades and even generations. What if we take Bob's Dream and make it ours?

It was 10 years ago this year that I had the White Ship Vision and first understood from the Lord that there needed to be a Houston connection to fulfill the launch of the White Ship that would take the glory of the Lord to the nations. It was a ship of prayer and fasting. I won't go into all of the details here, but I KNOW BOB was the Houston Connection in the vision. God spoke clearly to me about the War Room before I knew anything about Bob's heart or vision for this thing. I KNOW BOB was sent to us to help in the launch of the War Room at Heartland and I KNOW that it was our JESUS who sent him to us. I KNOW JESUS wants us to take our assignments on this thing seriously, because He wants to launch an Armada to invade the nations, but it is going to take a lot of prayer and fasting to fuel this ship.

Let's do it together! Let's as a body, pick up the fallen mantle Bob carried for the War Room and fulfill the whole vision - taking back the nations for Jesus!

Showing Up For Active Duty

Keep Showing Up

A Blog Post by Vicky McKim

I was thinking today about all the distractions we have that try to keep us from what we're actually called to. Some days it's my dad that needs bananas and milk; my mom that needs her ceiling fans dusted; my boss needs me to stay late and work on something; my sweet husband who can't remember how to send an email attachment or 1000 other things.

All these needs can be distractions to our spirit and leave us frazzled when they all come at the same time. Anybody relate?

I still get to choose what I do with my time. Showing up for those who need me, being there when I'm their only source, walking through those chaotic moments when I have to choose how to prioritize every need and still show up for active prayer duty gets frustrating sometimes. 

I know the tactics of the enemy are to dissuade me from being present and unifying with other believers during the weekly prayer times. But I still get to choose what I do with my time and what will add lasting value. Taking care of those immediate needs and then moving into prayer sometimes means we don't get the rest we feel we need. 

But isn't that often the way it is for soldiers on the battlefield overseas. I try to view my life through the lens of full-scale war. At least when I do this I feel like I make better choices with my time so I can make eternal impact on the people and region where I live. And sometimes the ceiling fan cleaning has to wait a few extra days.

Embracing Conflict

What do you think of when you think of war? I think of armed conflict, like I think many of you do. We see so much in the news about conflicts around the world and the devastation of things and people who are in the way. 

Most of us don't thrive on conflict. If you remember the personality traits tied to colors, you would need to be a HIGH RED to really enjoy conflict. So, while many of us don't like conflict and confrontation, it is a necessary part of life if we are going to win the SPIRITUAL battle for the areas and targets we have been assigned. Contending through prayer for those things assigned to us is of primary importance. 

Fighting to hold the ground we gain, as we advance to overturn the enemy in new areas, makes the going harder but still so worth it!! That's why it takes all of US! When we come together in unity with the Holy Spirit, we continue to pound the targets with prayer and intercession, (using all the various divisions of God's military) and we hanging on the the victories as we go, THEN we become the most formidable force on the earth. As we follow the Captain of the Lord of Hosts into the battle, the ground shakes as we come!

Being All In

We are at war. So what does that actually mean?  Imagine for a minute if we changed how we fought World War II.  If we had chosen as a nation only to fight on Mondays or maybe just an hour a day do you believe that we would've been able to overthrow Hitler or defeat Japanese which were marching against us and our friends in those years? Well of course not; that would be silly to assume that you could win a war if you deploy your troops so scantily.  Likewise, when a soldier is called up, he doesn't expect to only work one day a week or even just half an hour a day. When a soldier is called up for active duty he knows that that can mean a daily grind of combat, sometimes without rest, or it can mean office hours with some breaks in the evening. It depends on what his role is, the assignment he's given and where he's deployed.  

What does that mean for us at Heartland?  It means if we are a House of War and we take it that as our responsibility and a trust from the Lord, then we will not live as civilians.  It means that our lifestyles will look different from other people. It means that we may choose voluntarily not to enjoy things that are good and acceptable, so we can focus on our assignment as a house. While that may not sound like a lot of fun, it gets fun when the answers to prayer begin to roll in. We had one such answer materialized today. Many of you have been praying against sex trafficking and today we got some very good news. There is a website that was advertising girls for sale and because of an investigation recently, the company that held the website took down the pages where the girls were being trafficked. That is victory!

As we continue to press for the things that are on God's heart to see manifest in the earth, we are going to see more and more victories. That does not mean it will be easy and it doesn't mean that it will be for just a short time, but it will mean it will be GOOD and very worthwhile. Jesus will begin to have what He desires in the earth. That alone is worth all our lives.