Spiritual Warfare

Showing Up For Active Duty

Keep Showing Up

A Blog Post by Vicky McKim

I was thinking today about all the distractions we have that try to keep us from what we're actually called to. Some days it's my dad that needs bananas and milk; my mom that needs her ceiling fans dusted; my boss needs me to stay late and work on something; my sweet husband who can't remember how to send an email attachment or 1000 other things.

All these needs can be distractions to our spirit and leave us frazzled when they all come at the same time. Anybody relate?

I still get to choose what I do with my time. Showing up for those who need me, being there when I'm their only source, walking through those chaotic moments when I have to choose how to prioritize every need and still show up for active prayer duty gets frustrating sometimes. 

I know the tactics of the enemy are to dissuade me from being present and unifying with other believers during the weekly prayer times. But I still get to choose what I do with my time and what will add lasting value. Taking care of those immediate needs and then moving into prayer sometimes means we don't get the rest we feel we need. 

But isn't that often the way it is for soldiers on the battlefield overseas. I try to view my life through the lens of full-scale war. At least when I do this I feel like I make better choices with my time so I can make eternal impact on the people and region where I live. And sometimes the ceiling fan cleaning has to wait a few extra days.

Embracing Conflict

What do you think of when you think of war? I think of armed conflict, like I think many of you do. We see so much in the news about conflicts around the world and the devastation of things and people who are in the way. 

Most of us don't thrive on conflict. If you remember the personality traits tied to colors, you would need to be a HIGH RED to really enjoy conflict. So, while many of us don't like conflict and confrontation, it is a necessary part of life if we are going to win the SPIRITUAL battle for the areas and targets we have been assigned. Contending through prayer for those things assigned to us is of primary importance. 

Fighting to hold the ground we gain, as we advance to overturn the enemy in new areas, makes the going harder but still so worth it!! That's why it takes all of US! When we come together in unity with the Holy Spirit, we continue to pound the targets with prayer and intercession, (using all the various divisions of God's military) and we hanging on the the victories as we go, THEN we become the most formidable force on the earth. As we follow the Captain of the Lord of Hosts into the battle, the ground shakes as we come!