Pastor Bob's Legacy In the War Room

Pastor Bob Phillips had an impact on us that to date no one has mentioned. Bob had shared with Pastor Dave and myself that he had felt like the Lord told him to build a War Room. Pastor Dave shares the story of Bob explaining to him about the word Mystery actually being used in the context of a War Room.

I believe one of Bob's last legacies will be the launch of the War Room at Heartland Church. He had tried to build one before in other places, but met opposition. He wanted to pay intercessors to cover the shifts and to wage war against the enemy. What if we as a body PICK UP THE MANTLE on this one and actually make it a reality that continues to unfold over the next years and decades and even generations. What if we take Bob's Dream and make it ours?

It was 10 years ago this year that I had the White Ship Vision and first understood from the Lord that there needed to be a Houston connection to fulfill the launch of the White Ship that would take the glory of the Lord to the nations. It was a ship of prayer and fasting. I won't go into all of the details here, but I KNOW BOB was the Houston Connection in the vision. God spoke clearly to me about the War Room before I knew anything about Bob's heart or vision for this thing. I KNOW BOB was sent to us to help in the launch of the War Room at Heartland and I KNOW that it was our JESUS who sent him to us. I KNOW JESUS wants us to take our assignments on this thing seriously, because He wants to launch an Armada to invade the nations, but it is going to take a lot of prayer and fasting to fuel this ship.

Let's do it together! Let's as a body, pick up the fallen mantle Bob carried for the War Room and fulfill the whole vision - taking back the nations for Jesus!