Another Victory!!!


One of our teams had victory this week. Our prayer team for trafficking reported that one 19 year old girl who'd been trafficked is now hidden in a safe house! Praise God!!! It's one more life taken back.   

Please keep all who are coming out in prayer as they begin the healing process. Keep after your prayer targets because the Lord is fighting with us!  



We saw movement on two fronts in the last couple of weeks. One of the families in the church had a larger home provided for them by a family member. They were making due as they pour out their lives for the King, but it was a tight squeeze. One of their relatives made a deal so they could have a bigger home! This was an amazing sudden turn of events and a tremendous blessing to their family. God pour out from the windows of heaven on us all!!!

Next up, a young woman who was being trafficked in Des Moines, escaped and went to the police for help. The officers are now looking for those who were trafficking her and about 10 others to break up the ring. Exciting as the Lord is answering our prayers to expose the evil and rid our town of it.

Hearing the Lords strategy for prayer, pressing in intercession and then seeing the answers if so fulfilling. It's exciting as we see God answering the prayer battles we are waging. It is no small thing when little pebbles begin to slide down a mountain. That is exactly how avalanches are started, so keep it up, prayer begets prayer! God is breaking in and we are rejoicing!

Be blessed in your prayer battles. Be deadly sharp when you shoot the arrows of the King's decrees against the enemy..