• Do you believe God desires a resting place on earth?

  • Do you believe God responds to the cries of His people?

  • Do you believe a praying Church can shift the course of history?

If so, come join us in shaping history through fasting and prayer!

These are the three primary models we utilize:

  1. Intercessory Worship - this model incorporates worship, intercession, the reading of scripture and prophecy into prayer sets targeting specific issues on God's heart at the moment. It is this emphasis that creates a resting place for the presence of God in the spirit of the Tabernacle of David.
  2. The War Room - through the War Room, we leverage prophetic intel into strategic prayer over specific areas of culture. Prayer groups form around unique areas of culture and concern.
  3. Prayer Burns - extended times of prayer, Prayer Burns incorporate concentrated intercessory worship over extended sets of time (12-24 hours) focusing specifically on cultivating a place of God's presence in order to create spiritual breakthrough. These Prayer Burns are done in partnership with other churches and in various locations.

KHOP is the prayer expression of Heartland Church. 

Prayer schedule:


Monday 7 pm - 8:30 pm Revival (Fred Stoeker)

Tuesday 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm Intercessory Worship (Sarah Block followed by Rick Arrowood)

Wednesday 7 pm - 8 pm War Room Targets (Pastor Dave/Group Leaders)

Thursday 7 am - 8 am Word of the Lord (Pastor Dave)

Saturday 8 pm-9 pm Sunday Services (Pastor Dave)

   We rule with Christ from the height of a bended knee

We rule with Christ from the height of a bended knee

At Kingdom House of Prayer, you can help build a place for God's presence to abide. From this place we pray His purposes into the earth together. 

KHOP carries a strong burden for all nations. We target in prayer what the Lord shows us He wants to do around the world..

KHOP connects intercessors and worshipers in a way that mutually enhances and releases their gifts.  It’s more than a prayer room – it’s a family affair and we've got a place for you.